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Karen Durana Personal Branding Sessions

Karen Durana
Physical Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy

Transformative Healing 
Through Touch And Dialogue

in Arlington, VA and by Video Visit worldwide

Karen Durana Phoenix Infinity Personal B

Meet Your Therapist

As a former athlete who has endured many serious injuries, I understand firsthand how difficult it is to struggle with chronic pain. As the Phoenix rises from its ashes and transforms, I am here to guide you through your own transformation by facilitating your body’s inner wisdom for self-healing and recovery. I will connect with you through gentle touch or by distance, following the path of your body’s physical signals to support your process.   


Since 1996 I have served the DMV area, helping many people dealing with serious health challenges to recover and thrive. I recognize the holistic and complex nature of healing and gently hold a grounded steady therapeutic presence for you. I welcome all peoples to my clinic with kindness, acceptance, and compassion. My hope is that your experience will bring you closer to wholeness.