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To Heal the Wounds​

You can help “To Heal the Wounds”

Join me in my mission to provide PT and CST healing for individuals in marginalized communities who would never be able to access my services without your help.

This program sponsors individuals who are financially challenged and in need of my services in the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander), BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color), or LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual) communities.  I am also working with war refugees from any war.

This is a subsidized program where the person will pay what they can, and the balance will be paid by this fund. After an interview, I will choose the candidates based on financial hardship and best fit with my holistic approach. My goal is to provide PT/CST services to at least two people a week.

Click "I Want to Help" to make a contribution and please share this page with someone who might benefit from my services.


“I came to Karen with breathing difficulty related to digestive issues. When doctors were baffled at what was causing the problems, Karen not only helped relieve a lot of pain but also eased my breathing.  Karen has helped me not only with the initial issues but also with listening to my body. I've been pushing through so much pain due to the lack of medical support and need to relearn how to listen to my body truly. Karen has been a great support getting me on the right path for my health journey."


How to Apply

Karen Durana Personal Branding Sessions
1. Schedule a free call to apply To Heal the Wounds

Apply by clicking Schedule Now below. You'll answer a few questions and then discuss your unique treatment needs and goals. If you have questions, contact Karen at  +1 (202) 810-4149, or

Karen Durana Personal Branding Sessions
2. Your Treatment

Enjoy gentle and healing hands-on treatment and dialogue at my office in Arlington or by video call. You'll engage with both your physical and emotional blockages, then listen to the body's inner wisdom to guide a process that helps you release injury and trauma.

Karen Durana Phoenix Infinity Personal B
3. Reach your Healing Goal

Experience relief of your symptoms, be more in tune with your body's inner wisdom and integrate this into your daily life.

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